What are Dermal Fillers?

What are Dermal Fillers | Beauty Restored Aesthetics

Dermal fillers are blowing the cosmetic scene by storm. Using injections that plump and hydrate the skin, this treatment ‘fills in’ people’s beauty needs they never knew they needed. Our skin begins to exhibit undesirable conditions like sagging, wrinkle formation, and dehydration as we get older. These pesky concerns result from natural aging and sun damage. Insert dermal fillers – the solution for all of these problems. Naturally created from hyaluronic acid produced in the body, dermal fillers work in restoring skin’s hydration, alleviate scar depressions, increase crease volumes, and add the extra plump to those luscious lips. Dermal fillers are used in a couple of different areas, reviving that lost glow you’ve always wanted back or having that plump effect you’ve desired for in such a long time. Let’s go ahead and know more about dermal fillers.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are made from synthetic substances which are naturally occurring. They are injected into facial lines, folds, and tissues, decreasing appearances of unwanted wrinkles. These fillers also restore the fullness of the face that has reduced as we get older. These injectables are wrinkle fillers, injectable implants, and soft-tissue fillers. They are utilized to erode undesirable smile lines, plump up lips and cheeks, and correct scars brought about by acne.

The vast majority of these dermal fillers are absorbable. With that said, these injectables offer only temporary results but can last from a couple of months up to a couple of years, all depending on the product used and the person’s unique condition. Those fillers are marketed as permanent ones that can last up to several years.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons acclaimed in 2017 that 2.7 million facial filler procedures were performed alone, a significant increase of 3% from 2016.

Treatment Types

As common as dermal fillers are, there are different treatment approaches used for these injectables that target specific body parts and functions, making the results more effective and efficient in the long run.

Lip Fillers

These dermal fillers are used for hydration and volume addition, especially the lips. It smoothens lines around the mouth area, minimizes that unwanted aging look, and gives you that plump pout you’ve always wanted!

Under-Eye Fillers

Wake up no more every day looking tired with shadowed eyes. Under-eye fillers can help restore that lost volume, exacerbating tired-looking eyes and brightening them up. This dermal filler gives you that fresh look – well-rested and refreshed!

Cheek Fillers

Cheek areas are losing volume, resulting in skin sagging and sunken cheekbones. This dermal filler adds contour to the cheeks, minimizing laugh lines leaving you with many youthful cheeks!

Chin and Jawline Fillers

As we get older, soft tissues and bones are lost. But dermal fillers of this kind can help restore definition and symmetry that gives you that well-defined jawline you’ve dreamt of having.

Hand Fillers

Our hands are among the first places that show significant signs of aging. This dermal filler helps diminish wrinkles and lost volume that will leave your hands looking youthful and smooth.


As mentioned earlier, dermal fillers are a great way to plump up one’s skin and get that desired youthful glow. Moreover, known benefits exist even more and may not know about dermal fillers. Here are some benefits enthusiasts may experience with this treatment.

1. Increased Production of Collagen and Elastin

Production of collagen and elastin slows down naturally as we start aging. You can still achieve the best results by ensuring that the dermal fillers you choose contain hyaluronic acid components.

2. Almost Immediate Results

Dermal fillers can result when plumping up your lips or smoothing out fine lines in as little as one (1) week. But these results can also take up to two (2) weeks before fully settling into your skin. The majority start to see the full results after about the two-week mark.

3. Involves Minimal Risks

All cosmetic procedures involve some risks. However, dermal fillers are known to have minimal risks. After the process, you may immediately experience swelling, redness, and bruising around the treated site. These after-effects are mild in general and fade only after a couple of days. 

4. Can Go Together with Other Treatments

One great benefit a dermal filler provides is being paired with other cosmetic treatments. Dermal fillers combined with Botox injections offer results of the facial skin so smooth and natural-looking. More profound and more obvious fine lines can be treated with the combined powers of Botox and Xeomin perfect together with your dermal fillers. These injection types help in stopping facial muscles contraction and further line deepening. 

5. Confidence Booster

Dermal fillers can create wonders in boosting one’s confidence to the maximum levels. Even though it is encouraged for one to enjoy beauty treatments and their benefits, it is also essential not to be over-dependent on these cosmetic treatments for the sole purpose of achieving happiness. 

6. Long-Lasting Results 

Dermal filler effects are known to last for around 6-18 months. However, these effects may depend on many factors, such as filler type used, the patient’s lifestyle and care, and the treated area itself. All of these factors can significantly affect the result’s length and efficacy. 

7. Subtle Effects 

Subtle effects of dermal fillers mean that they are all natural-looking. We can often hear criticisms about specific beauty procedures looking like ‘there’s been work done.’ Not with dermal fillers – results are naturally seen and never give away the fact of a treatment being done in one’s face. 

8. Minimization of Scar Looks 

One significant benefit of dermal fillers is the improvement and minimization of scar appearances. Those who suffer from acne or other related conditions are usually left with scarring. Although dermal fillers can help, you cannot use them for all scar types. Talk with your practitioner about these cases before deciding on dermal fillers whether or not these injectables are the best solution for your scars. 

9. No Recovery Time Required

Dermal fillers are known procedures done in ten (10) minutes. This treatment is non-invasive, requiring no preparations, surgery, or downtime at all. This information is one major advantage one can have from dermal fillers. Easily fit appointments in, even amidst the busy schedules you have for the day. 

10. Skin Feeling So Good

The naturally occurring substances found in our skin are also the contents of dermal fillers. These contents give not only a natural-looking skin but also a natural-feeling one. After the contents start to penetrate under your skin, the filler’s hyaluronic acid content will begin to feel like it’s your very own skin.

Final Thoughts on Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers help restore and rejuvenate our skin towards the outcome we want to achieve. Pay close attention to how these injectables work, and you’re on a sure path towards utmost beautification. Dermal fillers will help you reach that dream.

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