What Is SkinMedica Known For

What Is SkinMedica Known For?

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You have so many different options available that it can be challenging to select an effective skincare line to use. A perfect skincare line would offer all the products necessary for maintaining healthy skin, eliminating the need to select individual products from several different lines. 

We want to take this prospect to introduce you to SkinMedica. This professional skincare line is driven by results and contains all the products you require to achieve healthy and radiant skin. Many asked what SkinMedica is known for? Well, it’s known for quite a lineup of skincare products, actually. 

Picking The Right Product Lines

The SkinMedica brand offers a solution that is effective for everyone. If you’ve never actually followed a skincare routine before, shopping for skincare products can be a very overwhelming experience.

We are here to aid you in starting a skincare routine and selecting the best SkinMedica products for your skin. We will help determine your skin’s needs and provide you with a system or several products that will bring about the change in your skin that you have been hoping to see.

Diverse Skincare Systems You Can Use

Through the development of specialized treatments, SkinMedica has removed uncertainty when selecting the skincare products that will be most effective in addressing a variety of skin issues. These systems consist of multiple products, each of which addresses a different problem area.

A system is obtainable for every type of skin that addresses issues such as brown spots and environmental damage. These systems contain products that have been scientifically tested and proven to enhance skin quality.

Here are some of the systems you can use for your skin concerns:

1.) Post-Treatment System

You know the importance of aftercare, whether you have just had a chemical peel or a treatment such as microdermabrasion performed on your skin. You need to use high-quality products that encourage healing and regeneration of the skin to get the best possible results for your skin.

The Procedure 360 System is a targeted treatment offered by SkinMedica. It includes products specifically designed to replenish and help repair your skin after a treatment has been administered. Because it addresses every facet of aftercare, this system ensures that you will derive the maximum benefit from your treatment.

Here’s what the package consists of:

  • Repair And Restorative Products:  SkinMedica Restorative Ointment and Post Procedure Repair Complex are the two products that collaborate to cut down on the amount of time you need to recover after undergoing treatment. They also hasten the healing process without leaving a scar behind afterward.
  • Cleanser: Facial Cleanser is a product that hydrates and nourishes delicate skin while also effectively removing dirt and oil from the skin’s surface in a gentle manner. It also provides the necessary soothing and calming effect after an in-office skin treatment, which is a benefit provided by this product.
  • Treatment Cream: In addition to providing the skin with hydration and nourishment following treatment, the TNS Ceramide Treatment cream also helps to recreate the skin’s moisture barrier, which in turn helps the skin to remain hydrated and protected.
  • Sunscreen: After treatment, applying sunscreen is necessary, especially after procedures that expose new skin layers. With Essential Defense Mineral Shield SPF 35, you’ll be able to shield your skin from harmful elements.

2.) Environmental Element Protection System

This system is intended to help mitigate the potentially damaging effects of blue light and other abrasive environmental factors on the skin, which can occur if a person spends a significant amount of time in front of electronic devices and the sun’s rays that produce blue light. 

It has been demonstrated that combining these two products will improve the appearance of skin that has been stressed as a result of exposure to blue light or environmental factors. As a consequence, the skin appears uneven and even red.

The system consists of two products that are suitable for use on any skin type:

  • LUMIVIVE Night Revitalize Repair Complex
  • LUMIVIVE Day Damage Defense Serum

3.) Skin-Lightening System

This specialized treatment is effective in clinical tests for those who struggle with an inconsistent skin tone due to brown spots. The Lytera 2.0 Advanced Pigment Correcting System is comprised of a collection of six different products that work together to reduce the appearance of brown spots on the skin that may have been caused by hyperpigmentation, photodamage, or melasma.

These six products, which are included in the system, have been shown to work synergistically to assist in the treatment of hyperpigmentation and the prevention of its recurrence:

  • AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
  • AHA/BHA Cream
  • Total Defense + Repair Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 35
  • Retinol Complex 0.5
  • Rejuvenative Moisturizer
  • Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum

4.) Everyday System

This system makes it easier for you to start a basic skincare routine even if you aren’t sure what products to use or how often to use them. The products included in the Everyday Essentials Serum are designed to combat the visible signs of aging, promote the appearance of younger-looking skin, and address sagging skin when used consistently over time.

It is a collection of miracle products that have been demonstrated to produce the desired effects. It includes the only products that have been verified to address sagging skin. They are as follows:

  • TNS Advanced+ SerumRetinol Complex 0.25
  • Essential Defense Mineral Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 35
  • TNS Advanced Serum
  • HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator

5.) Award-Winning System

Even if you don’t have an obvious skin problem but still want to use products that are the best of the best, there is a targeted treatment that can provide you with the results you’re looking for. The Award-Winning System is comprised of SkinMedica’s highest-rated products, many of which have been recognized for their excellence with prestigious accolades.

These products are designed to combat the aging process of the skin, hydrate the skin, and lighten any brown spots that may have appeared on the skin due to exposure to the sun. These items are comprised of:

  • Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum
  • HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator Net
  • TNS Advanced+ Serum


Many of SkinMedica’s highly effective products have been grouped into systems to make creating a skincare routine as simple as possible. If you’re looking to treat a specific issue, several individual products are available, including eye creams, acne products, and exfoliating creams, among others. Contact Beauty Restored Aesthetics today to speak with one of our aestheticians about picking the best SkinMedica skincare products for your specific needs. We also offer other services that help address different skin concerns as well. 

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