What’s All The Buzz About Vitamin Injections?

What's All The Buzz About Vitamin Injections

Have you heard of shots of B12? Everyone, from famous people to athletes to your next-door neighbor, seems to be raving about how great these injections are. Well, these simple Vitamin B12 injections, which are given in the arm, have a lot of benefits.

But we’ll discover that later here with us at Beauty Restored Aesthetics. See all the buzz and things these vitamin injections (or shots) can do to you. 

All About Vitamin Shots

Vitamin B12 is a critical nutrient that your body needs to work well. It makes DNA and keeps your nerve cells and blood cells healthy. Your body can’t make B12 on its own, so you have to get pills or injections. Injections of vitamins

The Lipolean B12 shot, on the other hand, is made from natural vitamins and minerals and can quickly speed up your metabolism and get you to start getting rid of extra fat. Lipotropic dietary supplements like Lipolean injections are made of high-quality ingredients that help your body process and get rid of fat and speed up your metabolism. 

B12 is a building block in the body that helps build immunity. It is a crucial nutrient for metabolic and brain functions. A lack of vitamin B12, which is expected, can sometimes make you tired and keep you from reaching your peak performance goals.

Lipolean is a mix of vitamins and amino acids that help you lose weight, whether you want to lose weight or have reached a workout plateau. As the Lipolean B12 shots work best when combined with a healthy lifestyle, it’s essential to keep up with your regular exercise and healthy diet. 

What Do We Have Here?

Here at Beauty Restored Aesthetics, we have vitamin injections that you can take. These are: 


We give cyanocobalamin B12 shots to help with energy, weight loss, metabolism, immune system, sleep, and mental clarity.


Lipovite injections have a mix of several vitamins and “fat-loving” amino acids that are called lipotropic. These nutrients help the liver work better and speed up the flow of fats and bile out of the liver and gallbladder. This helps reduce the amount of fat stored in the body and gets rid of fat faster.

Benefits of Vitamin Shots

Vitamin shots are a simplified version of Vitamin IVs. They only give one nutrient instead of a mix of vitamins and minerals, and it only takes a second to inject them. 

Use B-12 for a quick and long-lasting energy boost or buy a shot to improve the way your heart and nervous system work significantly. These vitamin shots are suitable for the body, the mind, and the spirit. 

Here are other benefits that you can get from having these injections. 

More Energy

Most people like our vitamin shots that help you get more vitamins. Why? Because vitamins are a big part of how your body makes its energy. Our B12 and Big Boost shots give you a natural energy boost by injecting a concentrated solution of powerful, energy-packed vitamins directly into your bloodstream.

Better Skin Health

Do you have less hair? Is your skin cracked and dry? Are your nails brittle? You might not be getting sufficient vitamins, especially this vitamin. Our vitamin injections give your body what it needs to keep your hair, skin, and nails healthy. This gives you a healthy glow on the inside and out.

Bone Support

Calcium keeps your bones strong, and vitamin D is a vital part of how your body makes calcium. But instead of lying in the sun or drinking gallons of milk, you can get our Sunshine Shot.

This shot is full of vitamin D, which can help your body make more calcium and prevent bone diseases like osteoporosis.

Improved Mood

Our vitamin shots with B vitamins can give you a new spring in your step and also make you feel better. They help your body produce and get rid of serotonin, the hormone that controls your mood. A shot of B vitamins keeps your serotonin levels steady, which also helps you keep your attitude in check.

Fat Loss

Are you having trouble getting rid of stubborn fat? Take a look at our Lipo Shot. It is a unique mix of the vitamins L-Methionine, Inositol, Choline (MIC), and B12. They give your cells energy and help your metabolism break down fat, which makes them good fat burners.

What to Keep in Mind

Even though Vitamin Injections give you a big boost of energy and vitality, they are not a replacement for living a healthy life. These treatments work best with a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and a good beauty routine. 

Our treatments will help smooth out wrinkles and give skin a healthy glow. But it works even better with your fantastic skincare routine at night.

How Often Should You Get These Injections?

This is decided based on the needs of each patient. Most doctors, however, say that you shouldn’t get treatments more than twice a month because the vitamins usually stay in your body for 2 or 3 weeks. 

Before getting a Vitamin IV or shot, you should talk to your doctor about how often you should contact them and if you have had any health problems in the past.

Things To Do

You’ll need to see your doctor first before getting your first shot. They will carefully look at your symptoms and your health history. They usually give you routine tests, like blood work, to figure out what’s wrong with your health.

Once they decide that vitamin shots are right for you, you’ll set up your first appointment and painlessly inject the vitamins into your glutes, so meetings don’t take more than a few minutes.

Once the vitamins are injected, they start working right away. This is different from taking vitamins by mouth, which have to go through your digestive system first. Feeling and looking your best has never been easier.

When you’re ready to feel truly healthy, call our office in Colorado at 720-309-4272 or make an appointment online. We can’t wait to see you visit us here!

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