How Does The Mini Lip Plump Procedure Work?

How Does The Mini Lip Plump Procedure Work

Our smiles and lips are the first features most people notice on our faces. It gives us the impression of whether we look pretty good or (just) fine in the eyes of others. Well, you can say that this is where the confidence of most women lies.

So, if one day you wake up and see for the first time that your top lip looks thinner — maybe even a lot lighter — you might think of getting it done. More delicate lips are a natural part of getting older, but that doesn’t mean you have to like or accept them!

Mini lip plump may be the best choice for people who wish to alter their lips! It’s also the best option if you’re unsure about getting your lips done. But what is a mini lip plump all about? Read this post to learn more!

What is Mini Lip Plump?

The Mini Lip Plump contains Dermal filler made from Hyaluronic Acid, a natural substance produced by the human body. At Beauty Restored Aesthetics, we understand how essential it is to look and feel your best.

That’s why we’re proud to offer our customers the best options. Derma Filler enables the process to be rewarding and satisfying for every result. That’s because its molecular structure is the most similar to that of the substance the body makes itself.

You can also use this treatment to correct, balance, and define your lips while leaving them soft and looking natural.

Mini Lip Plump vs. Full Lip Plump

A Mini Lip Plump is smaller than a Full Lip Plump. As the name suggests, full lip plump has more fillers and syringes for the treatment. If you want to go BIG, this is what doctors mostly mean (full lip plump).

But take note that full plump is suitable for people with full lips. It’s also the right choice if you need to fix the symmetry of your lips in a big way. Conversely, a Mini Lip Plump can only make minimal changes (but still with great results) on your lips.

Once more, you can’t use a Mini Lip Plump to make your lips fuller if they are already full. You need a full syringe if you have big lips.

How does this Mini Lip Plump work?

Mini lip plump is the proper treatment for anyone who wants to make their lips bigger, define their edges, or make them look more even by adding volume to the upper and lower lips.

Before the procedure, our Beauty Restored Aesthetics team strongly suggests a consultation. This lets both parties talk about the lips’ structure, shape, and volume and the results we want to get.

Some providers offer a free consultation before the service, while others have different regulations. For those who have the chance, this is a great time to start asking questions and getting comfortable with the process.

A cream that makes your lips numb will be put on your lips. Once the lips are numbed, the procedure can begin. The injection is given with a very fine needle, and recovery time is kept to a minimum.

Is Mini Lip Plump a Safe Method?

Mini lip plump is a safe injection that gives your lips a better look without surgery. It’s not just about making your lips bigger. Lines and wrinkles around your mouth can also look better after a mini lip treatment. Also, it is essential to know that dermal fillers are safe for all skin types.

Mini Lip Plump Benefits

If you haven’t considered lip plump or are still doubting, you can look at these benefits to reassure you that you’re choosing the suitable options. And just so you know, the procedure mostly takes 15 to 30 minutes. Right after the process, the lips look great. Here’s what you can get from having a mini lip plump:

  • Safe and Quick
  • Painless with minimal cost
  • The effect runs down for a couple of months
  • You are entitled to have an option if you wish to add more volume or tone it down.
  • Components are made from hyaluronic acid, a natural skin ingredient.

How long does the treatment last?

Above, we’ve mentioned that it can last for a couple of months. But usually, Mini Lip Plump

will be broken down and used up by your body on its own, and how long it lasts depends on how quickly your body uses it.

To be specific, it lasts between six and twelve months. Customers often build up their Mini Lip Plump over time by gradually plumping their lips every few months.

How do I get ready for this treatment?

Before your injections, you shouldn’t take ibuprofen or medicines that thin the blood for three days. You should follow any prescription or advice from your doctors to obtain the best results.

Is the treatment painless?

Yes. Patients often don’t feel something bad about the mini lip plump. But in any case, there’s an option to put on a prescription-strength numbing cream about 10–15 minutes before your shot. Besides, Our injectors are very gentle, and we’ll ensure you’re nice and numb before giving you the shot.

So, is a mini lip plumping the best procedure for me?

Most clients find Mini Lip Plump works for them. Even though the word “mini” is in the name, the results are huge and are sure to satisfy them. This treatment is so popular that most celebrities are known for it.

Again, there’s no need to worry because our team here at Beauty Restored Aesthetics is ready to assist you! We ensure to keep our promise to make beautiful lips that are smooth and have sharp edges by using our best technique.

But if your lips are naturally bigger, you will probably want the Full Lip Plump for only $300! If you decide within four weeks of your appointment that you want more, let us know! Don’t worry; we’re here to help you figure out what to do.

For the best and ideal options, make an appointment for a consultation, and we’ll look at your lips and discuss your beauty goals to figure out the best way to treat you. No matter how full or thin your lips are, a Mini or Full Lip Plump can help you get the look you want!

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